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Life is a series of choices. And the choices made determine the direction of our lives. At a very young age others make our life choices for us and we follow their chosen path. But, then there comes the time in our lives when we are in control of our own destiny, and the choices we make are ours alone. These choices are influenced by many factors. Dreams, goals, past experiences, fears, where we are in our life cycle and more all play a major part in the decisions and choices we make for our careers and personal lives.

DeAnjo Coaching is dedicated to assisting its clients in unraveling these many factors so that clients can make informed well thought-out choices throughout the many phases of their lives. Through the coaching process, clients gain clarity surrounding each factor, break-through blocks preventing them from attaining their goals and dreams, and develop a much better understanding of themselves in general. This enables clients to make conscious choices steering their lives in the best direction for them personally, so that they can be the best they can possibly be, live the best life they can possibly live, and confidently navigate through life cycle transitions with more happiness and less stress.

The coaching process EMPOWERS YOU to create your best life and career! Trust in the process of coaching because it works! Contact us to learn more.


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